Friendly Computer Help’s photo titling contest

We have quite a few photographs that need good titles before they can be sold. Starting Tuesday, October 6, 2015 and ending on the Tuesday following after we get at least two entries (from different people) on each photograph. Anybody who would like to enter will get 25% off our services just for submitting an entry (each winning entry gets 50% off our services (some restrictions apply).

The entire album of pictures for the contest can be found on our Facebook page Friendly Computer Help ‘s Facebook page . However, pictures from the contest will be sporadically posted to our Twitter account ( and our Instagram account ( where you can also submit entries. Any submissions submitted on any of our sites will be added in a comment on the other accounts saying what the entry was and which site it was submitted on.

On our Facebook page, you can see all of the photographs that need titles in the album titled 2015 Friendly Computer Help Photo Title Contest on the Friendly Computer Help page (

Rules and information for the contest:

(Descriptions on the picture are just generic descriptions saying either what it is or the camera’s default label).
Start date: Tuesday, October 6, 2015
End date: The first Tuesday after we get at least two different people entering submissions on each photograph

Each entry will get 25% off (details on Friendly Computer Help Facebook page ( qualifying servics.

Winning entry for each photograph will 50% off qualifying services

Each person can do up to five entries per photograph (there is no limit to how many photographs you submit entries for).

Humorous and serious entries are allowed, but please keep it clean. Any entries that are not clean will be deleted and will not be eligible for the discounts.

Since many of the services offered by Friendly Computer Help can be done online, you do not have to live locally to enter the contest.

Family members of staff of Friendly Computer Help are welcome to enter if they would like to.

Michelle Russell

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  1. Our photo titling contest is now over (it had been going on since October and it is now the end of March). Unfortunately, we did not get enough entries to declare a winner. Anybody who did enter will still get all of their discounts (if they have not already used them).
    We will try other types of contests in the future that will hopefully go better.

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