Why it is a good idea to have another set of eyes look over your work

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about why proofreading is important (http://blog.friendlycomputerhelp.net/why-is-proofreading-important/). Along with proofreading being important, it is also a good idea to have another set of eyes look over your work whenever possible. Even if you are like me and are usually noticing and pointing out mistakes, nobody is immune to occasionally making them.

                Whether you are usually good or bad at spelling and grammar, it is a good idea to have at least one other person double check what you have written; especially if it is for school or business. We all make the occasional typo or accidentally use the wrong word. When you go over your own work, your mind will often see what you think you wrote instead of what was written. With another set of eyes, they can see what is on the document and let you know if you fell prey to human error.

Asking for help wasn’t something that my parents ingrained in me. Well, that’s how I interpreted their guidance anyway. When they told me repeatedly to be confident, strong, and independent, I assumed that the opposite traits would be a bad thing.

For so many of us, the idea of asking for help meant we were dependent, weak, uncertain or unsure of what do to. It meant we were not smart enough, good enough or worthy enough.

So instead of asking for support, we try to do everything ourselves and at work is necessary to have support, it is also important to have an HR management software for your business to keep the workplace safe. We do whatever it takes to get the job done on our own, and in the end, we feel a sense of accomplishment for achieving the feat that was deemed impossible.

The truth is, we never do anything on our own. And as leaders, we shouldn’t want to.

I understand the benefit and desire for solitude. There are people who love to do things alone like hiking, traveling and reading. However, our natural human need is to share experiences with other people. Even after traveling or reading a great book, we are excited to share.

The act of asking for support and openly receiving is probably one of the hardest life skills to practice, yet it’s the skill that can make you a better human being and a stronger leader. Play game at Wizardslots to help you cope with the stresses of the day. The reels of joy casino will also provide you with all the gambling fun that would make you happy. 

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