Are you a good customer or a bad customer?

Why is proofreading important?


I have noticed a lot of people seem to have stopped caring about proper spelling and grammar. For some reason, they think it is not important and think they can rely on spell check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. However, relying on spell check could potentially cause confusion as it can differentiate between homonyms […]

What does good customer service mean to us?


We are sure many of us have experienced both good customer service as well as bad customer service at different places. At Friendly Computer Help, we do our best to provide the best customer service we can. Good customer service leads to happy customers and happy customers are more likely to return to your business. We realize we […]

Why is it important to maintain your website?

Friendly Computer Help’s photo titling contest


We have quite a few photographs that need good titles before they can be sold. Starting Tuesday, October 6, 2015 and ending on the Tuesday following after we get at least two entries (from different people) on each photograph. Anybody who would like to enter gets 25% off our services just for submitting an entry […]

Who is Friendly Computer Help and what services do we offer?


You may be wondering who Friendly Computer Help is about and what services we offer. We are a small, family owned business. At the time of writing this post, Friendly Computer Help is run by a husband and wife team (Michelle and Keith Russell) with no employees; although friends and family will occasionally give us […]