Who is Friendly Computer Help and what services do we offer?

You may be wondering who Friendly Computer Help is about and what services we offer. We are a small, family owned business. At the time of writing this post, Friendly Computer Help is run by the husband and wife team or Michelle and Keith Russell with no employees although friends and family will occasionally give us suggestions and advice. We offer a variety of electronics related services at low prices because we cater to people on a budget. We specialize in proofreading, data entry, typing, and helping people learn how to use their electronic devices.

While we are located in Vista, California, many of our services can be done online (such as proofreading, data entry, and websites). This means you do not have to live locally to use our services. However, in person services do require you to live within a reasonable driving distance from Vista, CA since we come to you if you would like help in person.

Some of the other services that we provide that some people might find useful are helping people to organize their offices, helping people to organize the files on their computers, helping people to keep their computers running, research, helping people find good quality electronics and good prices, and creating and maintaining basic websites. Of course, we admit that nothing lasts forever and electronics do die eventually. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about that since we cannot make anything last forever.

We know there are other businesses out there that offer the same services we offer. What makes us different than these other business? Here are some ways that we hope differentiate us from similar businesses.

1) We know that it is impossible to know everything about any subject. Because of this; if we do not know how to do something, we will tell you. Depending on what you want, we can either look up to see if we can learn it quickly enough to serve you or we will suggest a place that we thing can help you with what you need. In order to help serve our clients and potential clients, we are constantly working on improving our knowledge and skills.

2) We we believe in honesty, punctuality, and a professional sense of humor. Because some of our services include teaching people how to use different devices, we feel a sense of humor is important because it helps the customer feel at ease and it can help make it easier to remember what you learn.

3) We do not believe in pushing somebody to purchase something. We know that this drives potential customers away and can possibly hurt business in the long run. While we might offer advice and a list of pros and cons about certain products and/or services in order to help a customer if they are not familiar with the product or service, we will not push them into getting it.

4) We do not charge by the hour because we believe in catering to people on a budget and charging per hour could possibly make it too expensive for some people to receive the help they desire. Instead, we charge by product or per block period (depending on what the service is you are purchasing). The closest we have to charging per hour is when we do something like transcriptions where you charge per audio minute. What that means is the cost of the transcription is based on the time of the file regardless of how long it takes us to complete it.

If you would like to see more of our services or find out our hours, contact information, or prices, feel free to check out our website at Friendly Computer Help (http://www.friendlycomputerhelp.net) or our Michelle Russell

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